Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Nfu Oh 51

Nfu Oh #51 (1 coat black creme 2 coats Nfu Oh)

Today is my last swatch of the Nfu Oh polishes I bought. I also heard that #51 was pretty sheer so I again layered it over a plain black creme polish. It looks really awesome, but I still want to do a swatch of this one without it being layered. Anyway, this one is a purple/blue jelly with flakes of purple, blue, green, and gold (and probably the rest of the rainbow!). I hope you all enjoyed my flakies! 

So fact #3 about me: my favorite food is my mom's homemade noodles. I've tried to make them, but they cannot compare to my mom's!


Aru said...

Gorgeous color! *-* I've never seen a shade like this one!!

Rachel C said...

As a nail polish novice, could you please explain what exactly makes a color a flakie??

I love the random factoids, and I love your mon's noodles. Maybe between the two of us we could recreate them....

Anonymous said...

I just bought a bunch of polishes from someone and this polish was in the box. I took it out and just KNEW that was going to be my new nail color. There's a black in the box, so I'll take your advice and put a coat of black underneath. I hope I love it as much in person as I do in this picture!

cupper82 said...

Rachel- The name flakie comes from the fact that if you look into the polish you can see flecks of color (not the normal glitter you see in them) that reflect different colors. They are usually different sizes as well. If you still have questions, I can bring one over for you to look at.

Robyn- I'm glad you love it as much as I do! I think that the black and also purple or blue would make a great base color for this one. Have fun playing around with it!