Saturday, April 24, 2010

Nfu Oh 59

Nfu Oh 59 (3 coats)

My small collection of flakies from FabulouStreet arrived!! Up first is #59. Ugh, why can't they have fun names since their polishes are so unique? Really? #59 for this one? Unacceptable. Anyway, it is a striking red jelly base with tons of flakes of glitter throughout. The color of the flakes really depend on the lighting type and the angle which you are looking. I have shown two different lighting sources for this one so hopefully you can see the difference in colors. The flakes are often gold/yellow, green or blue. The application was slightly thin, but the coverage was pretty good compared to most of the other flakies I have. I did not use a base color on these and this was 3 coats overall. I am so excited about these!

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