Saturday, April 17, 2010

Sportsgirl: Minty Delight

Sportsgirl Minty Delight (2 coats)

Welcome to another installment of Australian nail polishes I have never tried! Today we have Sportsgirl called Minty Delight. I was looking at the Sportsgirl website and they have some really fun clothes! With the exchange rate the clothes are really affordable. Probably not as affordable as say H&M (which I'm sad to say is not close to me at all) but still pretty cheap. Anyway, the polish was so awesome! I have about a million mint cremes, but most of them seem a little different, and I just love them! I think this one has a nice mix of both blue and green. The application was slightly thick, but nothing too difficult. Now I just need to find myself another way to get back to Australia....

Thanks again to my swapper!

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Sara Elizabeth said...

i gave you a blog award!