Sunday, April 25, 2010

Nfu Oh 53

Nfu Oh #53 (4 coats)

I can't even describe how beautiful these flakies look in real life. Sure, they look cool in pictures, but to see the different colors in different lights is really something. Today I have #53 to show you which is a blue jelly color with flakes that reflect pink, purple, gold, and green (At least I think that's it! There are just so many colors that pop up!). The pictures shown are of 2 different light sources (the last 2 pictures are with completely artificial light and no light box). As you can see, the artificial light actually brings out the colors even more in the flakes which is the complete opposite of how holos usually work. Since I work in a lab all day long, the fact that it looks better inside is a big plus for me. 

Also, I just looked at Quirius' website and they are back up now! You can still buy their polishes at $3 each, or make your own set of 6 polishes for only $15! What a steal. Don't forget, their Quirius 010 Prime Top Coat is probably my favorite topcoat ever and only costs $3 (and can also be a part of your 6 polish set).

I thought tonight I'd let everyone know a little more about myself (if you don't care, I completely understand...just ignore this). Once in awhile I will post something random that I like or dislike. Today I will let you guys know that I don't like when my foods touch. To combat this problem I absolutely adore these section plates that can be found at Target:

*what I am talking about is the plate on the top right* Sure, it sort of reminds me of school, but the designs are cute and I don't have my peas sitting in my mashed potatoes. So there you go, now you know something new about me!

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