Thursday, July 29, 2010

CND Gold Sparkle

Creative Nail Design (CND) Gold Sparkle (1 coat) over 3 coats Color Club Pardon my French

Guys, I am exhausted. The move was...bad. I mean, nothing really horrible went wrong (no accidents or anything), but several really annoying things happened. I'll spare you the details for now. I feel really bad, but this is going to have to be short and sweet tonight. I hope you can understand. Anyway, up today is CND Gold Sparkle which is a topcoat effect recently released from the company. At first it sort of looks like a flakie, but it really isn't. Even with only one coat it produces a really nice gold shimmer to the polish. I was really stupid the night I tried this one out because I put it over Color Club's Pardon my French which is just too light to really show the golden shimmer. I can't wait to try it out over a darker color (black, darker purple or blue) because I think it will look much more pronounced that way. Anyway, it's not the best usage here, but I can really see how it will lighten up some colors and add a little texture. The only downside that I can really see is that the bottle is only 0.33 oz instead of the normal 0.5 oz so you're getting less bang for your buck. The good thing is that you really only need 1 coat to cover. I bought this one at Transdesign for $5.50.


Tassa said...

Perfect combo! <3

Margo said...

These sparkle effects are really calling to me; I definitely need to add this one to my list. I agree, great combo!