Monday, July 19, 2010

Barielle Wildflower Collection: Junebug

Barielle Junebug (2 coats)

Oh Junebug, I was so excited about you and you disappointed me. You have no idea how bad I wanted this one. It was finally in my grasp and then the application was just so thick. I tried adding some thinner, but I guess I just didn't add enough because there was no was I could add more than 2 coats to this. Also, it looks so much better in pictures than it did in real life. I love dusty blue shimmers and polishes with strikingly different glitters in it. So what went wrong besides the application? I didn't really have a problem with the polish color, but you could barely see any of the fuchsia glitter found in it. The Macro setting on the camera really brought it out.  I dunno, if given the chance, I wouldn't purchase this one again.


Zara said...

I'm sorry that you were disappointed, and I have to say that this polish does not really appeal to me. The name "junebug" makes me expect something that is even remotely the color of a junebug. This is not.

jaljen said...

This is sitting untried in my stash. I haven't read a single good review of it. Bug-ger.

oxidantshappen said...

Hmmm...disappointing. I could see how you would be stoked about this color before trying it. It looks so promising!

Also, I agree with Zara, what's with the name? With a name like Junebug I would expect a brilliant green/blue or green/amber duochrome or something! que pasa?