Friday, July 16, 2010

Color Club Pardon My French Collection: Pardon My French

Color Club Pardon My French (3 coats)

I was just thinking, there's a chance I may have another giveaway soon if I get 200 followers *hint hint, nudge nudge.* I think the next one will be for everyone, not just US followers. Anyway, I have Pardon My French from Color Club tonight. It is a very work appropriate light pink creme. It's not extremely exciting, but it's a really nice light pink. It needed 3 coats, but just look at the smooth finish on it! And, as always, I love Color Club's formula. You can find these at Victoria's Nail Supply and Transdesign to name a few. Oh yeah, they are also really cheap.

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Simple Beauty said...

I Seen These Collection At Ross! I Should Of Got IT!