Thursday, July 22, 2010

Barielle High Steppin Collection: Electric Boogie

Barielle Electric Boogie (2 coats)

I guess this is the best time to mention that I broke a nail on my swatching hand. I mean, I tore about half of my middle finger nail off. Shall we say it wasn't fun at all? Please bear with me the next few weeks while my nail heals. Actually, it's looking significant better already. I have a few more pictures with my long nails so you may see those in the next couple days. Electric Boogie is the last of the Barielle polishes. I hope you enjoyed these. Electric Boogie is a deep blue color with green glitter interspersed and the glitter isn't too noticeable. I really enjoy this this polish, but again, it was very thick. I would definitely advise adding thinner (never acetone or remover) to thin it out.


Zara said...

Agh, I'm sorry about your nail! That can be so painful. Beautiful blue, though it reminds me of SH Blue It. I wish I had my bottle with me so I could compare... :)

cupper82 said...

Oh really? I'd be interested in seeing that!