Friday, July 2, 2010

Quirius: Sweet Melon

Quirius Sweet Melon (3 coats)

This is the last Quirius polish! Holy crap that was a lot of them, right? Anyway, Sweet Melon is a bright neon green creme that really reminds me a lot of China Glaze's Kiwi-Cool-Ada  from the Poolside Collection (which I will incidentally be swatching here soon since I bought it from Transdesign), but the application on the 2 are very different. The Quirius polish was a bit streaky, but only needed 3 coats for full coverage wheres Kiwi-Cool-Ada needed 4 since it was so thin and sheer. Overall, this is such a bright and awesome green to have! I have no topcoat in the photo so you can really see the satin finish since it is a neon. Until next time, don't forget a good basecoat....

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KarenD said...

That is some bright green right there--very summery!

Ali'sNailNews said...

I LOVE how bright it is! Very nice.