Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Nerd Lacquer Series: Cuprum

Nerd Lacquer Cuprum (3 coats)

How is it only Tuesday? I asked a fellow co-worker if she was coming in today (I knew she worked on Wednesday) and she had to remind me it was only Tuesday. Oops! I'm spending most of the week doing soil digestions which involves adding concentrated nitric and hydrochloric acid to the samples and then putting them at 95 degrees Celsius. I'm generally a careful scientist, but boy, does working with these acids make me go really slow (I'd like to keep my arms and face, thank you very much)!

It makes me really sad to say this, but Cuprum is my least favorite Nerd Lacquer. There's just something about this copper/orange jelly color with identical glitter that makes it look crappy with my skintone. It's sad because I really wanted to love it. I don't think Cuprum is the most popular Nerd Lacquer polish anyway. It also had the worst application, needing probably 4 coats for full coverage. Yup, I only posted 3 above, but if you look at my middle finger you can see some bald spots. Perhaps this one might look better layered over another polish. 


Naila Nails said...

Loving this coppery colour :)

beachgal said...

I personally love this shade. Don't own it - but seeing it here, really like what I am seeing. Maybe there is a tish of red to the copper that you don't like against your skin? Might also just be the wrong time of season for this shade to effect you positively. You might love it in the fall.