Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Zoya Fall 2011 Mirrors Collection: Yara

Zoya Yara (2 coats)

*yawns* I love Daylight Savings Time (hooray for more sunlight), but I've been a bit sleepy the past few days. Back when I used to live in northwest Ohio (Defiance, OH what!), Daylight Savings was the best because it felt like it was dark and dreary the whole winter and spring was on the way. Has it affected your sleeping schedule?

When I saw swatches of the Zoya Mirrors collection I fell in love with several of the polishes. I love the fine glitter in the polishes that are still easy to remove. Yara is an olive green color with lots of gold glitter (it's either a fine glitter or chunky shimmer...take your pick) and it is gorgeous. If you don't own it, I recommend it to you. Despite my somewhat crappy application, it applied like a dream. Overall, nothing negative to say here. 


beachgal said...

This shade was the first of my picks from the Mirror's Collection I knew I had to have. I ended up getting all the Mirror collection and all but 2 in the Smoke collection. I just had pulled this one as some ladies are dropping in randomly to look at my greens to put on something they like for St. Patty's day. So I have pile 'o greens on my kitchen table!

Rachel C said...

I love this color!! It is one of my favorite Zoyas!