Monday, March 12, 2012

Zoya Summer 2011 Sunshine Collection: Tanzy

Zoya Tanzy (3 coats)

Happy Monday! It's weird, it's Monday and I am in a really good mood. Our prospective student was really nice and I got to hang out with her a bit today. Nothing like a little undergraduate excitement to make your day a bit brighter. 

I bought Tanzy when Zoya had their get 2 polishes when you pay shipping sale. It's an orange color with lots of gold glass-flecks. For some reason I think there's too much gold in this and I was hoping for more of the orange color. It's still a really fun polish, but more orange would have been my personal preference. The application was fine, but the formula was a bit sheer and needed all three coats I gave it. 

How was the start of your week? I missed Celebrity Apprentice last night so I don't know who went home yet :-( 


DonnaTheBwana said...

I would recommend Zoya Sienna if you wanted less gold, it's gorgeous... and if you want one more of a red orange, Riveting from the China Glaze Hunger games collection might fill the bill.

beachgal said...

This entire collection has a lot of gold in them - they look like they have been gold foiled. However this one, (since I bought the entire collection) with the darkest one that is red - makes the most beautiful fall looking nails/toes! My all time fav in this collection is Kimmy - it's just amazing and the gold works best with that shade out of the collection IMHO. It's among my top 25 favs and has not left that list since I got it when the collection came out.

DonnaTheBwana said...

I got the entire collection and love it... it was my favorite collection last year.

cupper82 said...

Yeah, I feel like I just got the wrong polish from the collection. My husband loves orange polishes so I tend to get those :-D

Beachgal, I'll make sure to check out Kimmy next time a promo code I want to use comes out.

TikiBwana, I definitely want to buy Riveting, thanks for all of the great recommendations!