Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Indie Nail Brands: Happy Hands Nail Polish in Springs

Happy Hands Springs (2 coats) over BB Couture Hangover Blues (1 coat)

Ok, so I sort of forgot to upload the last Hunger Games polish to my computer, so I am just going to show an indie nail brand instead. No worries, I'll make sure to finish up the China Glaze polishes tomorrow, I promise. I love turquoise. It's one of those colors I somehow don't have very many of, but when I get one, I fall in love instantly. For example, when I saw Happy Hands Nail Polish in Springs on their Etsy site, I knew I had to get it. You know how hard it usually is to get indie polishes from Etsy, right? Well, Kristi opens up the shop every Saturday at 5 PM, and you don't have to have the fastest internet in town to get a polish or 2.  

Springs is a bright turquoise blue jelly with small white and larger iridescent glitters. I couldn't fish out too many of the larger ones, but I had a lot more on my right hand. It could definitely be opaque on its own with 3 coats, but I decided to put it over BB Couture's Hangover Blues to make sure there was no VNL. The color you see here is definitely the color of Springs, not Hangover Blues. I absolutely adore this color, and I can't wait to get the other 2 colors I don't own from Happy Hands yet. 

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beachgal said...

I like this one. I sort of have fallen out of the etsy/indie brands. Either I saw one I loved and it was goners, or I bought 10 and only liked 1 of em. Then they just exploded on the market - no way could I figure out any good way to keep up and add quality vs quantity of 'em to my inventory. Then a few of the early on the market indies just went into such a tail spin - and yes, they had some good ones but not that great - that kind of turned me off to trolling for indies. Plus ya know I am not huge on glitters and sooooo many indie polishes are glitter this and that. I am soooo picky of what I will wear when it comes to glitters if I am going to go to all that trouble to remove them. I did read yesterday there is a new base coat Essence is coming out with that lets you peel off your polish and it works with glitters too...I wonder. I only saw it 'tested' on a jelly glitter. Those do come off easier than a cream with say a full on glitter over it. If I loved glitter more than I do, I would put up with the down sides...but I just don't like most of 'em on after 24 hrs - and want them off, off, off. Not sure why my eye tires so fast of the glitter look, but it sure does. Give me a great cream, a wonderful shimmer and I am really happy for days and sad when I need a polish change.