Saturday, August 4, 2012

Julep Nail Polish: Mila

Julep Mila (3 coats) over 1 coat white

I love glitter! Sure, it's a bit more annoying to remove, but if you Google foil method polish remover, you will never regret wearing glitter polish again. This method makes taking off glitter a breeze. The only downside is that you have to use 10 cotton balls, which, for me, is a lot since I go through cotton balls so quickly. I definitely used this method to take off Julep's Mila, which is a multi-colored fine glitter suspended in a clear base. I used a base coat of white before applying three thin coats of glitter. It's mostly opaque, but a fourth could be used. It would also make a nice topcoat if that's what you're into. 

I hope you're having a great weekend so far!


TheMaiBug said...

God how I hate trying to get glitter off nails, but this is so pretty I may just have to put up with the extra effort required!

beachgal said...

Even with foil wraps for glitter polish removal, it takes a ton of time/rubbing still I find. Also I don't want to wait that long and do all that to get my polish off. The more I fuss with getting a polish off, the more oils I will pull out of my already dry nails. I try hard to avoid glitters because of the removal issue. Funny too, I can put on a great cream finish and love it beyond the mani/pedi lasting power. I put on a glitter and I want it off that next day. I seem to burn out on the look super fast. I do like to thin line tip my toes with a foil or glitter nail liner like Stripe Rite. I have so many glitters that I don't use. I should start to go through 'em and find new homes for 90% of em! I never got into Julep...almost did, but their mess up when they got started turned me off. Plus been there, done that with 'club' things in yrs past...the old Book Clubs, CD clubs. Even though you get to see what they are going to send and pick another or decline, I am bad at doing stuff like that and packages just arrive.

Anonymous said...

Try using the large cotton balls and unrolling them. Then, rip them into nail(ish) size pieces. I remove all polish this way now and can get the job done with 2 cotton balls (although sometimes with glitter I use a third for cleaning up the glitter explosion).