Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Orly Cool Romance Spring 2012 Collection: You're Blushing

Orly You're Blushing (2 coats)

Wait, you thought I was done with the Orly spring collection? Yeah, so did I. This baby popped up in my collection the other day and I had completely forgotten about it. You're Blushing is a light dusty purple creme with hints of taupe. I like it; it's not your typical putty color since it has a bit more purple to it. The application and formula was pretty spot on and was almost a 1 coater. Ok, now I'm done with this collection...I think. 


The Lacquered Lady said...

I love this color. Nothing else in my collection has the lilac base this does.

Shelby's Swatches said...

What a nice color! I liked their spring collection too :)

beachgal said...

I really love this one - it skipped right over me without me seeing it on line or in the store. I might have to look on the secondary market for this I like it that much!. It's a dusty lavender but not, it's a lavender taupe but not. I would wear this spring through summer and pull it out post holiday time when I am not ready for bright or soft spring shades - this one just really is great! Thanks for finding it. It's good to 'go shopping at home!'