Sunday, August 26, 2012

Julep August 2012 Maven Box: Sienna

Julep Sienna (2 coats)

This is more like it! I wish the box had more polishes like Sienna, and not the frosty chromes. I'm usually drawn to silver polishes over gold, but I still like this one. Sienna is a gold metallic color that had no problems with streaks.  It sort of reminds me of polishes that companies release around Christmas though. Oh well, it's still best of the August Maven Box. 

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beachgal said...

Looks good on you. I rarely find a gold foil/chrome that I like. Most look like cheap holiday ornaments when I get them on. I do like one that was released 2 times over from Orly called Rage the last time it was released for New Years 2012. Some say it's copper (which I think was in the first release name of it) me it's a pink gold and I fell hard for it. I don't have any Juleps. I was not a fan of beauty clubs or any of similar things that send stuff out on subscription basis. I have to admit there were a couple shades for 4th of July promo Julep did that caught my eye - there was a really pretty red and oddly I was attracted to a 4th of July glitter they had too.