Monday, August 20, 2012

Jessica Cosmetics Summer 2012 Gelato Mio Collection: Barely Blueberry

Jessica Cosmetics Barely Blueberry (2 coats)

Happy (?) Monday! I'm sad that the weekend is over, but we had a good time looking at houses the other day. There are 2 that we really like, but we are leaning toward one at the moment. Are we going to pull the trigger, who knows (of course we'd get a home inspection first). We watched Holmes on Homes last night on HGTV and this one woman didn't get an inspection for this extremely old house. I mean, come on, who doesn't get an inspection these days? Do you have any suggestions for first time (potential) homebuyers? 

Ah yes, we've finally come to the very light blue pastel creme called Barely Blueberry. This is quite the appropriate name since there is so much white in this one. I thought it'd end up a bit chalky, but I had no issues with opacity in 2 coats. It's nice and I always like a nice light blue color.

*This polish was provided by the company or PR representative. All reviews are based solely on my opinion. For more information, please see my full disclosure at the bottom of the site* 


Shelby's Swatches said...

I have this polish and I really liked how it applied!

beachgal said...

Love how this looks on you...but I think it would be another blue that I would try that would not look right on me. The blues that are pastels (unless they are more periwinkle and have not a lot of white in them) turn my skin to this anemic looking mess..and yet I still keep trying when I see one that leans a little hint of periwinkle like this one does.

So house help...gut feeling counts big time...inspection of course, but I have gone in on bids with the bid contingent on being able to pull out and get the 'honest $' back if the inspection yields big fat messes. The only one that got a little sticky was one that my folks and I bought together and the owners wanted to split the cost of more of the found needed repairs than I think was right. Again...sometimes you just know in your gut what you can and will deal with if it's the right one. Other times, it's just a purchase to get your foot in the market and get going like my first condo was..I never did 'feel' anything for the place and don't even look back on it fondly as my first was just as I said, a foot in the door. Will be thinking positive for you 2.