Monday, June 9, 2014

Essie 2014 Too Taboo Neon Collection Review and Swatch: Vices Versa

Essie Vices Versa (3 coats)

Happy Monday! I'll have 2 posts tonight because I used Essie's Vices Versa under the last Rainbow Honey glitter polish. Essie has 2 collections out right now: the Neon collection and the Summer collection. This one comes from the Neon collection and is a lime green creme. People sometimes recommend you use a white polish under neon colors since they are often sheer, but this can sometimes be problematic (waiting time to dry, completely covering the white, etc.). I chose not to use undies, and found Vices Versa to be sheer, but can be built up to be opaque in 3 coats shown here. The formula was a bit thin, but nothing too terrible. I just got 2 more of the Neon polishes, so they will be posted in the near future. 

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Psychopüppi said...

I bought this one as well, reminds me of fresh and green apples <3