Sunday, June 8, 2014

Rainbow Honey May 2014 Mini Mystery Bag Swatch and Review: Petit Four

Rainbow Honey Petit Four (3 coats)

I hope your weekend has been going well. I'm still spending mine cooped up in the house resting from my work week (which is down to 4 days due to my continuing mystery illness). I have an Infectious Disease specialist appointment this week, so hopefully they find something! I'm so sick of being sick!

The second of 3 polishes in the May Rainbow Honey Mystery Bag is Petit Four which is a light yellow crelly with various sized aqua and coral glitters (I see a hint of light pink and green glitter, but they are few and far between). This was a bit sheer, but the formula wasn't too thick to make it difficult to work with. I think the light yellow brings out the spring (if you're still having it) and the coral and aqua glitter are hitting the spot for those in summer heat (like we are here in NC). So far, I am extremely impressed with the bag, and my June one should be here tomorrow! Hooray for nail mail!

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