Monday, June 23, 2014

Orly Fx Spring 2014 Galaxy Collection Swatch and Review: Starburst

Orly Starburst (3 coats)

I've been collecting these Orly Fx spring polishes for months from the Sally's Beauty Supply clearance sales. I think I'm done with buying them, so I have several to show you. I'm showing my favorite color first called Starburst which is a white jelly with loads of orange, gold and red glitter. I think it's all hexagonal glitter of different sizes. It's just so bright and fun and perfect for summer. It's a jelly, so it's sheer, but the 3 coats weren't a big deal. If you can find it online, I would highly recommend it! 

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la gazelle nails said...

Looks like candy! Gorgeous!