Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Sally Hansen Summer 2014 LE Palm Beach Jellies Triple Shine Polish Review, Swatches and Nail Art

Left to right: Water Melon, Jell-ous?, Vitamin D-light, Sea Through (2 coats) over 2 coats Jessica Cosmetics Sharkstooth

Left to right: Ice Tint, Grape Jelly, Ice Tint, Grape Jelly (2 coats) over 2 coats Jessica Cosmetics Sharkstooth

Watercolor Art 
*press sample*

I've been putting this post off because I can't really decide my feelings on this collection. My nails are extremely stained, so there was really no way I could show these on their own. If you look at Nouveau Cheap's swatches, even 4 coats isn't enough for coverage. For this reason, I swatched each polish with 2 coats  over a white polish. The first three polishes, Water Melon, Jell-ous?, and Vitamin D-light all look pretty much the same on the nail, with Water Melon being the most opaque. I thought Vitamin D-light would look more orange on the nail, but it seems more pink. The green, Sea Through is also a favorite of mine since it looks nice over white.

The other two polishes, Ice Tint and Grape Jelly are the final 2 in the collection. Despite being blue, Ice Tint was extremely sheer, but still makes a pretty sky blue over white. I had a bit of a problem with Grape Jelly since it would keep streaking over the white. It's strange because I didn't have a problem with any of the other polishes. Nouveau Cheap also tried to use this as a jelly sandwich (jelly polishes with a layer of glitter between them), but this didn't work well. I think these would be best used for those who don't mind sheer color, or those into nail art. I did a watercolor manicure, and if you don't look too close, it actually looks really good. So many people have done this with the OPI Sheer Tints, I don't even know who I got the inspiration from. If you did this before, thank you, you helped me out! I found these just yesterday at Target, and will run you $4.99 each. My recommendations would be Water Melon and Sea Through.

You can find more information on what's going on at Sally Hansen on their Facebook or Twitter pages.

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