Sunday, June 29, 2014

Orly Spring 2014 Galaxy Fx Collection Swatch and Review: Intergalactic Space

Orly Intergalactic Space (3 coats)

Sorry for the missing post yesterday, but my dad had to go to the ER and we also had a drive back to NC that took a long time due to traffic. I am so exhausted from the trip from my Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and hope I can work this week. Life.

Anyway, so far we've seen the light side of the Galaxy, but now we're getting into the dark. Up first is Intergalactic Space which is an extremely complex polish. It contains a black jelly base with small hexagonal fuchsia and bronze glitter and tons of blue microglitter. Interspersed, there are large white glitters which actually weren't too difficult to get out (perhaps a tiny bit of fishing for one per nail). The application and formula was the best of the collection since you can use regular strokes and was fairly opaque (it barely needed the 3rd coat for me). 

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