Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Color Club Winter 2013 Harlem Lights Collection Swatch and Review: Baldwin Blues

Color Club Baldwin Blues (2 coats)

If you love blue polishes like I do, then Baldwin Blues is the color for you. These aren't the greatest photos of it, but it's one of those hard to capture polishes. It's a deep dusty blue with grey undertones. I really loved this one, and wanted to try and swatch it over again, but you know life. Unfortunately it's going to set you back $8, but if you find it at your discount store, please let me know. 

In my life news, I go back to the Infectious Disease specialist today. My bloodwork was all normal last week so yay and boo at the same time. I'll keep you posted if I hear anything. Oh, and I'll be going on vacation next next week (actually starting on Friday), so I'll try to set some posts up here soon so you won't be bored while I'm gone. 

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