Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Quixotic Polish 2017 She Sells Seashells Collection Swatches and Reviews

*purchased with blogger discount*

Hi guys! This post was supposed to go up yesterday, but it was just taking me too long to get all of the photos edited in time. In other news, did you watch the eclipse? We had about 93% occulsion of the sun here and we were lucky that it was really clear at work. People were camping next door to get a good look and we had several glasses to pass around. Anyway, tonight I have the brand new Quixotic Polish collection that features contrasting shimmers. I've been waiting for an indie to do a whole collection of shimmers like this, so I was ecstatic that Mary from Quixotic was the one to release it. These were released on Sunday, so you can find them in the BigCartel site right now for $10 each or $47 for the whole set. Let's take a better look at these warlocks. 

Quixotic Polish Crushed It (3 coats)

Up first we have Crushed It which is the brightest color from the collection. I've said it a million times on this little blog, but I love a good pink polish. The contrasting shimmers in these polishes aren't subtle...at all (and that's how I like it). It's a bright magenta base with a strong blue flash and I used 3 coats for full opacity. I could have gotten away with 2, but I just went for 3 across the board for these. I also want to mention that the formula was thinner this time around, and it was so much easier for me to work with. Hooray! 

Quixotic Polish Reflections (3 coats)

Next we have Reflections which has a pale blue base with strong flashes of gold shimmer. Sometimes it looks a little green because you know what you get when you add blue and yellow together. It reminds me of sunlight reflecting off of water (so it's aptly named). This one was a bit sheerer, so I ended up using 3 thinner coats for full coverage. 

 Quixotic Polish Sand Castles (3 coats)

I'm really undecided when it comes to which polish is my favorite from the collection. I think it may end up being Sand Castles, shown above with 3 thin coats. It's a nude beige base with turquoise shimmer. Sometimes the shimmer is more green, other times it's blue depending on the lighting. It's one of those work-appropriate colors that is super unique and interesting. 

Quixotic Polish Sea Urchins (3 coats)

My husband isn't a huge fan of purple most of the time, but when I asked him which was his favorite, he shocked me by picking Sea Urchins. It's a soft lavender purple base with strong green shimmer flashes. You may see a few brushstrokes in this one, but it's not really noticeable in real life. Macro photos tend to enhance anything that resembles a fault. Again, this is 3 thin coats with no formula issues. 

Quixotic Polish Seashell Shimmers (3 coats)

And finally we have Seashell Shimmers which is a pearlescent white base with flashes of purple and blue shimmer. It didn't want to self-level quite as well as the others, but that's to be expected with any white polish. There's nothing like a neat white polish to look put-together and posh. It was a little streaky on the first coat, but it built up to full opacity with the third. It will help if you make your coats as thin as possible. 

That's it, folks! I've been waiting for months for a collection like this. When makers in Facebook Groups ask what finishes they'd like to see next I always chime in with contrasting shimmers! I was lucky enough to be given a blogger discount, but I would have bought the whole collection at full price in a heartbeat. You can find individual bottles for $10 or the whole set for $47 now in the Quixotic Polish store. Stop by the Quixotic Polish websiteFacebook pageFacebook Group, or Instagram pages to find out more. 

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