Thursday, December 6, 2018

Starlight and Sparkles Polish Mythological Top Coats Swatches and Reviews

*press samples*

Hi guys! It's starting to be that busy time of year at work. People are buying pens and accessories for their friends and family and I have to put in some long hours. Speaking of fountain pens, that's how I was introduced to the maker for tonight's post. It just so happens that Issa from Starlight and Sparkles is a fellow fountain pen enthusiast, so we've become pen pals. She was also kind enough to send along some of her Mythological top coats, and did I mention that they contain unicorn pee (UP) and/or UP-sibling shimmer? Just look at that collage! I'm also happy to mention that she has sample bottles that hold a decent amount of polish! The mini size holds 7.5 mL while a full bottle is the normal 15 mL. Mini bottles can have brush issues, but these were very generously sized and I had no issues with applying them. I cannot hold off any longer, let's get a closer look. 

Formula and Application

I just wanted to start out by talking a bit about how I used these. I used 2 coats of Obsidian as a base (shown below), but you can use any undies for these. The black definitely shows the contrast the best which is why I used it for my photos. All of these are even more gorgeous in person. I did my best to capture the shift, but it's even more striking in person. I used one generous coat of the topper and that was plenty, so even a mini bottle will last you a long time. All of these applied like a dream, and dried quickly with no texture. Removal will be a breeze for you as well. 

Starlight and Sparkles Obsidian (2 coats)

Up first I wanted to show you the base I used for all my photos which is Obsidian. It's an ashy black creme with the finest of shimmer for a little more dimension. I used 2 coats, but you may be able to get away with 1, depending on your application. It dries with more of a satiny finish, so you'll want to add topcoat for a glossy look. It dried really quickly which is another plus. (Full-$8.00 Mini-$5.50)

 Starlight and Sparkles Obsidian (2 coats) with 1 coat of Dragon

Dragon stole my heart immediately. It will mostly shift between a bronzy gold to green, with a little orange and teal at the most extreme angles. (Full-$13.00 Mini-$9.00)

Starlight and Sparkles Obsidian (2 coats) with 1 coat of Kelpie 

Up next is Kelpie which is a topper with UP-sibling pigments that shift between green and blue with a bit of violet at extreme angles. (Full-$13.00 Mini-$9.00)

Starlight and Sparkles Obsidian (2 coats) with 1 coat of Phantom 

Phantom is a little different than the rest of these. It shifts between blue and purple, but the shift is a little softer. This is another UP-sibling pigment. The blue is quite striking! (Full-$13.00 Mini-$9.00)

Starlight and Sparkles Obsidian (2 coats) with 1 coat of Phoenix 

This, ladies and gentlemen, is the polish you've been looking for. Phoenix has the elusive UP pigment in it. It shifts between red, gold, or green depending on the angle. This one costs a little more due to the UP, but I've definitely seen polishes containing the pigment go for more.  (Full-$15.00 Mini-$10.00)

Starlight and Sparkles Obsidian (2 coats) with 1 coat of Unicorn

Last, but certainly not least, we have Unicorn which mostly flashes between green to blue, with a little turquoise and indigo at extreme angles. (Full-$13.00 Mini-$9.00)

Guys, I haven't received so many compliments from co-workers, friends, and strangers in years. People wanted to know what was on my nails instantly, and they were used to my crazy nails. These toppers completely transform the undies you wear with them. I'm not even going to give any top recommendations because you need them all. You can even get a quad with minis for just $35, so save a few bucks and get them. You can find out more about Starlight and Sparkles on their website, Etsy page, Instagram, Facebook Group, and Facebook page.

*These polishes were provided by the company or PR representative. All reviews are based solely on my opinion. For more information, please see my full disclosure at the bottom of the site*

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