Saturday, August 8, 2009

China Glaze Street Racing (Artificial Light)

Today is another color from the Retro Diva Collection. Upon first glance in the bottle, it looks very similar to Drive In, but after applying it, Street Racing is less red and more coppery (almost like pennies). Also the finish is more metallic. The picture is 2 coats in artificial light. On the downside, the application of this was horrible! It was way too thick and needs to be thinned out quite a bit. I didn't thin it because I wanted to review it as is. My apologies for how crappy my application looks. Some areas were really thick on my nail, which caused problems when applying my topcoat (which happened to be Poshe). Anyway, the color was nice, application was NOT!

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Nicole Humphrey said...

So I have finally gotten Street Racing and put it on, and I agree, it was difficult to put on. I felt it was more difficult than the other China Glazes I have tried, which hasn't been too many but still. I like this color though. I think it's perfect for fall.