Thursday, August 20, 2009

Two for Thursday?

Zoya Tart

Zoya Valentina

When I woke up this morning, I felt like posting 2 polishes instead of the normal 1. Today I have 2 polishes from Zoya. The first is a blue shimmer called Tart (perhaps for the color of a blueberry?). Please try to ignore the tipwear since I had been wearing this one a couple days before being able to take a picture. No application issues and this is 2 coats.

At first I thought Zoya Valentina was going to be a little too safe for me. My husband actually picked it out for me, so I really wanted to love it. Turns out I do! It sort of teeters between pink and red (which for some reason I don't often wear red colors), but I still love it. The formula on this was normal.

I may take this weekend to discuss removers, basecoats, topcoats, etc. I haven't used a wide variety of types, but I will talk about what seems to work for me.

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