Tuesday, August 18, 2009


From thumb: The Arabian Nights, Lucy Diamond, Cresskill Eve, Autumn Bronze, and Purple Passion

Today is a brand new company to me called Quirius. I found out about them from a fellow blogger, Mary, who has a wonderful blog called Body and Soul. She also has a code for $3 off any order, so if you want to try them, now is the time to do so. Application on these was wonderful! As you can see from some of the pictures, a few of them are neons which dry matte. Looking back at the pictures, I should have included a picture of the polishes with a topcoat-sorry! Autumn Bronze and Cresskill Ave are definitely great ones for the fall and I can't wait to wear them! The Arabian Nights is not a holo, but a light glitter that wasn't too difficult to get off. I'm not a fan of plain black polish, but the glitter makes this one very wearable for me. The best part of Quirius? The price! They are $3 apiece, but if you order a set of 6, the price is only $15. This is not including the $3 off coupon code from Body and Soul. When I ordered they also threw in a free topcoat! Can't get any better than that. You can purchase the polishes from their website here.

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Mary said...

Very nice! Thank you for the mention and I'm glad you like your polishes! They're very nice in color and application, I agree.