Saturday, August 22, 2009

Remove, Basecoat, Topcoat

Essie Rock Star Skinny (Artificial Light)

Zoya Remove +, Zoya Anchor Basecoat, Orly Ridgefiller, Seche Vite Topcoat, Poshe Topcoat

Better late than never! Here is a little review of the process I do to prepare my nails. I am a huge fan of Zoya Remove + mostly due to its flip top cap that you press down to dispense the (non-drying) acetone remover. It is a little pricey, I understand, but I'd say try it once to at least have the bottle to refill. I tend to find the scent of it not as annoying as normal acetone, although my husband still finds it pretty strong.

Next on the list is a basecoat. I find that basecoats are vital to stop staining of nails as well as to inhibit chipping. I first tried a Sally Hansen basecoat/topcoat, but that did not dry fast enough. I went to the Seche Vite basecoat, but I found that I had too much chipping and stopped using it. I really enjoy the Zoya Anchor and it works just fine. Lately my nails have been peeling a little, so I use a Ridegefiller from Orly to smooth out the surface before polish. It is not as thick as I thought it would be, but it still works nicely.

Finally, to the nail polish application! I often like to use 2 coats (unless it is too sheer and needs more) since I get impatient. In my opinion the topcoat is the work horse of the whole process. I tried that Sally Hansen base/topcoat, but that wasn't great. I heard wonderful things about Seche Vite, and it is great, but I found that I was having shrinkage problems. Another issue is that it is not three free and has toluene. I use Poshe Topcoat now and I think I will stick to it. No shrinkage and it is three free. It does tend to get a little thick over time, so it is good to invest in a bottle of polish thinner. I hope this helps in case anyone was interested in what I use!

On to the polish of the day: Essie Rock Star Skinny is really hard to describe. It is a vampy red/brown color that is drastically different than the other polishes I have. It sort of surprises me that this is from Essie since they normally stick to sheers, pinks, and reds. No application issues and this is 2 coats.

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