Friday, August 21, 2009

Glitter Mania

Adoree #243 (Artificial Light)

I love glitter polishes. Adoree is a brand that doesn't get a lot of love from many, but I really enjoy the few polishes I own from them. Today is a pink/purple/gold mix of glitter (#243) that applies mostly opaque with 2 coats. The application is great, the removal is not. I don't hold this against it :)


Mary said...

I love that...such a pretty shade and all of that glitter! You're right though, I seldom hear about this brand but the few that I have, I'm very pleased with.

cupper82 said...

It's a shame because they seem to have some great polishes! I love all the glitters I have gotten there as well (when I ordered them I was on a big glitter kick!).