Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Wet N Wild in Inferno (artificial light)

I'm sure all of you have used Wet N Wild over the years. Heck, with the great price, why not have a few around at all times? This is from the new Craze collection that has just been released. I am thoroughly impressed with the bottle and application of this polish! The brush and cap are a little on the short side, but the brush is pretty wide which made for easy application. Also, the polish wasn't too thick or thin. Another plus is that it is 3 free! I had no idea! For the low price of $1.99, I definitely suggest picking up a few from this collection. So far this set can be found at some WalGreens and Meijer (for you girls up north!) but it is pretty much just found in random areas right now. Inferno is a coppery red shimmer (picture above is two coats). Right now I only have one more from this collection to swatch.

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