Monday, October 25, 2010

Creative Nail Design (CND): Asphalt

CND Asphalt (2 coats)

I love this polish. I think this is possibly the most opaque polish I have ever tried. I did use 2 coats because that's what I'm used to, but only 1 was necessary. If you don't own a deep grey creme, I definitely suggest this one to you. What an appropriate name for this polish! After all my complaining lately, I want to mention that not all polishes have crazy names. Thanks, CND! I've seen lots of bloggers use this polish with the CND effects and they all look great, so if you own any topcoat effects, you may want to use this polish. Neutral colors seem to be sticking around this fall. What do you think?


Unknown said...

love love love asphalt, i also own urban oasis & teal sparkle combo, the other effect i have is amethyst sparkle. i really love the shape and length of your nails. keep up the great posts

Hook Prism Power said...

This is a great color. I love dark Greys they always look so trendy without being obnoxious.

Deborah - Love. Varnish, chocolate and more... said...

That's a good grey! I have it too and want to have copper shimmer to top it off with - seen some gorgeous pictures of that combo!

oxidantshappen said...

Yep. This one is awesome! Where can I find this brand?

cupper82 said...

Thank you for all the comments and compliments! I'm just taking a quick break from formatting my dissertation :-P

Aaminahs mom, I was so tempted to buy that set. Perhaps next time! Thank you so much for the compliment (this is actually just the normal shape of my nails...I don't file to shape that often). Thanks for your continued support!

Let them have Polish! I agree, it looks trendy, and it usually looks good on most people (unlike some brown/taupe neutrals).

Deborah, that sounds awesome! I only have one effect topcoat so I guess I need to get some more.

Ashley!!! How is your science going? I'll be back in town on Monday so we should catch up. As far as I know you can only get it at Transdesign (I'm sure some can find this one in stores in bigger cities, but we're stuck ordering online :-( )