Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Rescue Beauty Lounge SALE!

My apologies for dropping the ball a little on this one. Rescue Beauty Lounge is having a 50% off sale soon and I found this information on the Rescue Beauty Facebook page.  Will you be buying anything? Ahem, this may make a nice Christmas present (wink wink nudge nudge Mr. Right on the Nail)

Many apologies in advance for this repetitive post, but I'm still getting numerous e-mail regarding the sale:

1) Please sign up on our home page to receive the code and instruction about the sale--email blast will go out Thursday before the sale.
2) The 5 hour sale will take place November Ist 11-4PM EST.
3) There will be... no free shipping.
4) There will be no "customer note" field to edit or alter any orders.
5) All baskets will be emptied before the sale.
6) For international shipping fee:
7) Allow at LEAST 10-15 business days for all domestic deliveries.
8) We will make a post on the FB if there are any announcements.
9) If you must e-mail us please choose only one e-mail address not all three. (Our IQ level is not that sharp during the sale and we get easily confused)
10) The new Tudor colors will not be on sale, but the RBL body products will be. I hope I'm not forgetting anything....

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Rory said...

I'm so excited...keep checking my inbox for my email!! And making last minute adjustments to my list!