Sunday, October 17, 2010

Essence Surfer Babe Collection: Hang Loose

Essence Hang Loose (2 coats)

Yup, a second purple creme in a row! You may not be able to find this one now (sorry, I am so late!) but this is called Hang Loose and it's from the Essence Surfer Babe Collection and I found it at Ulta a few months ago. As far as I know Ulta is the only place who sells Essence polishes, and at prices around $1-$1.50 how can you go wrong?! Hang Loose is a very light purple creme with hints of pink that tends to look a little milky. It's not the most exciting color, but it's a nice neutral purple. For $1.50 you are probably expecting crappy application and formula, but I'm really impressed that it only needed 2 coats and I had no issues at all.


The Preppy Student said...

color is great. I love this cremey lilac.

Zara said...

That's a lovely color! I need to look for Essence next time I'm at Ulta.

cupper82 said...

Thanks, Toesthattwinkle!

Zara, this was a limited edition color, so it wasn't found in the normal spot where Essence is. It was in a section with other limited edition products. As always, thanks for stopping by!

Unknown said...

love it!

cardigan said...

That's a great color! I love it!

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