Sunday, October 24, 2010

Butter London: Minger

Butter London Minger (3 coats)

Wow, I now have 300 followers! I truly can't believe it has come to this. When I first started the blog, I didn't know how long it was going to go on and I certainly didn't expect to have hundreds of followers. With that, I want to give you a big THANK YOU to everyone for their support over the past year. As I've said previously, I will be having an international giveaway including Deborah Lippmann later this week. Details will follow. 

I have never reviewed Butter London for a few reasons. 1. They are fairly expensive at $14 a pop 2.  I've never seen any in real life and could only get them online 3. Some people on MUA were unhappy with the bottle tops and application of the brand.  On the bright side, my Ulta now carries Butter London so they are becoming more available and I believe Butter London changed their bottles so that's all better now as well. Up tonight is Minger which is an orange creme that reminds me of a pumpkin. If you're looking for an awesome orange polish for fall, look no further. Unfortunately this polish comes with a heft price tag ($14) and sketchy application. The formula is quite strange. It is runny and thick at the same time. I am not a huge fan. I had a few bald spots at 3 coats, but if you're really careful you may get away with 2. 

And now the name. Ugh, really Butter London? What is the deal with these awful names lately from companies? I really don't get it. If you don't know what a minger is, go to Urban Dictionary. If you decide to do that, realize that it is NSFW and is quite inappropriate, just like the name of this polish.


The Preppy Student said...

this is nice but too expensive for me to splurge

Unknown said...

really pretty pumpkin color. coupla posts back you had misa-idk was'nt it too many reds in addition to long ass names ha-ha . nice posts keep up the gret work

Angie | said...

this colour is scrumptious! perfect pumpkin

<3 angie

Rory said...

I've had similar experiences with Butter London's formula...really too bad. I do love this color though! Perfect for Halloween!

Unknown said...

It's a great name. You're obviously not British. The name is fitting with the name of the company, Butter LONDON and the owner who is British.