Tuesday, October 5, 2010

OPI 2010 Burlesque Collection: Extra-va-ganza!

OPI Extra-va-ganza! (3 coats)

Yes, they are finally here! I now have some OPI Burlesque swatches for you guys! Up first is Extra-va-ganza! which is a multi-colored glitter with an overall orange color. I'm not going to go through all of the colors in it because there are just so many, but the main color is orange. I just love glitters! I was so happy when China Glaze came out with their huge collection of glitters last year and I've been pretty slow to gain new glitter polishes since then. I used three coats on this one, but you may get away with 2 coats. I don't like to see any bald spots so I ended up doing 3. Now the removal is a huge pain. HUGE PAIN. When it takes more than 10  minutes to take off a polish I am going to complain about it. Some may want to use the foil method, felt, or the scrubby bristle bottles to remove this one. What do you think, are you into this glitter?


cestmoi19 said...

I LOVE glitters! But I HATE taking them off :( But, they are especially fun for the holiday season (I'm including Halloween here)!! My favorite is glitters for New Year's Eve!

Leslie said...

pretty! i hate removing glitters, but i love them, so it's worth it to me.

Zara said...

Very pretty - I love glitters! I got my Burlesque glitters in the mail today, and I'm currently wearing Glow Up Already, and I can't wait to wear this one. Too bad glitter removal is horrendous.