Thursday, October 14, 2010

Revlon: Powder Puff

Revlon Powder Puff (3 coats)

Today we have a drugstore find from Revlon with their new limited edition matte suede collection. I believe there are 4 polishes in this collection and here we have Powder Puff. They call this a suede matte, but it's more of a satin finish than a matte so I think those of you who hate mattes won't mind this one. It is a white polish with blue microshimmer throughout. I hope you can see the slight blue in this one. It was slightly sheer and needed 3 coats, but it was pretty opaque after the third coat. I had no problems at all with the application. One thing you must think about is that you cannot use a topcoat if you want to keep the satin finish. While it doesn't take that long to dry, it is definitely going to take longer than your quick dry topcoats.

Today I received a press release about Kim Kardashian wearing a Deborah Lippmann polish in a magazine. Problem is, she is completely nude (breasts blazing) with only her hands covering her vagina. Yeah. I didn't think this was appropriate for my (or probably anyone's) blog. What do you guys think of this?


jaljen said...

I like P Puff a lot. It looks very different on different skintones though.

I can definitely do without naked nail models. Talk about exploitative!

MoLo said...

Technically, her hands were covering her vulva.

Powder Puff looks messy in all the swatches I've seen. I'd rather layer my way to that look (jelly white + blue shimmer + matte top coat).