Thursday, February 16, 2012

OPI Nicki Minaj 2012 Collection: Pink Friday

OPI Pink Friday (2 coats)

Don't forget, you still have one more day to win my Pure Ice giveaway! Please see the right side bar for more information. Grr, I just thought how I should have shown this polish tomorrow because it will be Friday. Oh well, this post is already started and I'm not going back. :-D Pink Friday is your bright Peptol Bismol pink creme that is pretty common, but I love it anyway. It has just enough pastel in it to stop it from being a neon (or vice versa). The application on this one was also pretty awesome despite the terrible mini brush I had to deal with. Overall, the cremes from this collection are winners. 


beachgal said...

This shade often got a bad rap from bloggers. I like it. I know it's nothing unique - but I needed a good opaque pink and this hit the bill. What was in my stash in this hue were all old and nothing that was fresh, easy to apply or opaque. So for me this was a welcome.

RiaLovesPawlish said...

i love this color, all i could think of when i applied it was Pepto!

Zerin (XinaRox) said...

I got this colour as well!!!