Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Zoya Intimate Spring 2011 Collection: Gemma

Zoya Gemma (2 coats)

I am a huge fan of the video game Fable. Whenever I hear the name Gemma I immediately think of the game because there are several townspeople with the name. In this case Gemma is a gorgeous olive green polish with blue/purple shimmer. I love everything about this one, except for the fact that sometimes the blue/purple finish is a bit faint, unless you're really looking for it. That's ok, I'll let it slide :-D Application and finish was no problem, either. This is the last of the $3.99 Zoyas from Ulta. What did you think of the Intimate Collection? 

If you like these polishes, you can still purchase them on the Zoya online store


beachgal said...
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beachgal said...

Gemma was one of the most beloved and talked about in this collection. I think it's really pretty. I tended to wear it more in the fall and winter. Maybe it will be my next shade to get out...I have a deep teal cream on from Nubar right now and loving it.