Sunday, February 5, 2012

Zoya Intimate Spring 2011 Collection: Marley

Zoya Marley (2 coats)

The Superbowl starts soon so I figured I'd do a quick post. Usually I have a party to go to, but I've got nada this year (which is fine with me). I'm honestly not too thrilled about the Madonna half time show, either. I guess the part I'm most excited about is the commercials. 

Marley is part of the Zoya Intimate Collection and is a light lavender color with hints of pink with some nice shimmer in the background. I found several of the Intimate Collection polishes in the clearance bin at my local Ulta for $3.99 each. Score! Despite being February, I have been craving some spring-like colors, likely due to the extremely warm temperatures this winter. I was a bit worried about application after the first coat because it was a bit chalky, but it was just fine after the second. I like it, it's really pretty! 


A Polished Touch said...

I'm jealous of the great deal you got on the Zoya polish. I can only find them at one retailer and they charge $14 a bottle. :( Great mani colour!

Anonymous said...

wow, this is beautiful! and great price too!

Unknown said...

It looks beautiful on you

beachgal said...

Lucky you to live close enough to an ULTA first off...then to find a good Zoya polish in a sale bin - perf! I bought this entire collection when it came out. Catlin as I recall was my fav in that collection and one I have worn the most.

@ A polished Touch - gads $14/bottle for Zoya is highway robbery! You can order direct from Zoya way cheaper and hope you know that...$8/bottle, no tax but for I think a couple states and free ship when over $50. I always toss in the $2 for faster ship if it's not a Thur or Friday I am ordering on.

cupper82 said...

I agree, $14 is way too expensive, unless you live outside of the US, then I wouldn't be surprised. I'm glad you all enjoy it as much as I did!