Saturday, February 4, 2012

Orly Mineral Fx Fall 2011 Collection: Rock Solid

Orly Rock Solid (2 coats)

I picked up a worm today! It's a little known secret that I've loved the Oligochaeta for quite a long time. I always feel so bad when worms get onto the driveway when it rains and they get smooshed so I bring them back to the grass for safety. I know, I'm so weird! 

I am extremely behind on swatching. I have so many polishes sitting around here waiting to be swatched that I should probably be on a no-buy for a month. Have you ever done a successful no-buy? 

I only have one of the Orly Mineral Fx polishes to show (I found it on sale at Sally's a few weeks ago) and it's Rock Solid which is a blackened shimmer with both silver and holographic glitter throughout. I really thought this one was beautiful, despite being so dark. The application was also pretty great and only needed 2 coats. Some people hate on the Orly bottle, but I love the rubberized cap.

Are you having a good weekend so far? I think I might go see The Woman in Black tomorrow before the Superbowl. I love me some D-Rad (my husband laughs so hard when I call him D-Rad). 


Kimberley said...

I love this color! It's so pretty.

beachgal said...

I don't dislike the Orly bottle - love (like you_) the rubber cap. It is a tish tall for my stash - but it's not the problem to get in there as are the Nicole bottles - now there's a bottle I really hate! You got good photos of Rock Solid. It's a hard one to get the fab big holo glitter pieces to show up. Some of the black glitter in this one can end up hiding them. But you got a good bottle and great photos. I feel ya on being behind - I don't have a blog but other than having the bills all paid for the month, I am so behind on everything it seems.

Nail Supply said...

this is really pretty! i like all the names of this collection too