Thursday, February 23, 2012

OPI Serena Williams Grand Slam US: Pros & Bronze

OPI Pros & Bronze (3 coats)

It's almost Friday! Yay! This is going to be a quick post because my favorite tv shows are on tonight. As promised, I have Pros and Bronze up for you this evening. It's a really interesting polish...sometimes it looks more gold and bronze, but if you tilt your nails a bit, the pink in there really becomes pronounced. I thought I was going to love this one a lot more than I actually did. I found the application to be a bit thin and sheer. You can still see some nail lines with 3 coats and definitely could have used a 4th (I got a bit lazy). I can't believe I'm saying this but I love the red polish a lot more than this one. 


Unknown said...

I have this one!! love it also . Nice post and mani! Have you been to they have a ton of Essie, and Misa for 3.75 again!! I've been so busy evenings with school I want to comment more then I just get on a roll! Keep up the great work.

beachgal said...

This is been a top fav shade of many collectors that came out last yr. I was hesitant at first to get it because I seemed to be stock piling some like sister shades in the rose with heavy gold gilting metallic (Zoya's Faye, It's My Year - OPI - and then Orly had one in the Mineral FX collection - thinking it was called Rock-et but need to double check that). Each was different really. But for those who want to limit their shades, 1 of all of these probably would do you unless you are a major collector of this color range. I used to have to get every fuchsia and magenta that came out. Before that - back when OPI was new it was every shimmer they put out because that was new from peal and frost way back then. In most outdoor light this one turns quite gold. You got good photos of it - it's one that folks say really is hard to photo and get the color right.