Thursday, February 2, 2012

SinfulColors Holiday 2011 Wish Collection: Daddy's Girl

SinfulColors Daddy's Girl (3 coats)

Since this is a purple, my camera is a liar. My pictures make it look more like a bluish jelly, but it is more of a true purple jelly with some lighter purple/pink glitter in it. I know, I'm a little ashamed on these swatches because I just couldn't capture the polish the way I wanted to. Since it is a jelly, you can still see some of my nail underneath, but in real life it wasn't noticeable. Application was also not the best on this one. It was quite runny and sheer so it doesn't have that going for it. I dunno, this one is just in the "ok" pile for me. 

The Wish Collection also contained some nail art polishes with very thin brushes called Fashionista and Flower Girl. You guys know I'm not the greatest at nail art so I basically did just a little bit to show you the brush and how they work on the nail. Enjoy!

 Flower Girl



beachgal said...

I picked up a couple of the Sinful nail art liner polish bottles. Ended up giving them away because they were really hard to use and get anything decent off them - a little was the polish and a lot was the brush I think. I really like the ones Sally's sells - Stripe Rite. I should have known as I am not a fan typically of Sinful - when I have bought them, they were always watery or something.

Impoverished by Polish said...

This color is one of those ones that's very hard to photograph accurately. I bought it based on a great swatch on a blog, but it was very different than what I expected. It's still a great purple, I'm really glad I bought it!