Friday, April 20, 2018

Bees Knees Lacquer Swatches & Reviews: Blorange and #whysocatty

Hi guys! TGIF! One polish reviewed this week is just not enough. I don't have any grand plans this weekend, but it's supposed to rain anyway. I think I'm going to try and catch up on some sleep. Tonight I have my final polishes from Bees Knees Lacquer to show you. Actually, I bought one more, but it was Limited Edition for the Fantasmic Flakies Facebook Goup and no longer available. I do my best not to tempt anyone with polishes that are discontinued. 

Bees Knees Lacquer Blorange (3 coats)

Up first is Blorange ($12) which is one of the best names for a polish ever. My husband even has this one on his toes right now (partly due to the name). It's a deep navy base with strong orange shimmer and iridescent flakes in the background. The navy and orange combination is so unexpected and I'm loving it! By this time I was finally getting used to the long brush so I had no issues with the formula or application. I used 3 thin coats for my photos, but you may be able to get away with 2. It dried with no texture as well. Sorry for missing one picture angle; none of the pictures turned out well for some reason. 

Bees Knees Lacquer #whysocatty (3 coats)

We've got another Anon polish I forgot to post with NaCl and Salty Anon a couple weeks ago. #whysocatty ($9) is named after an anonymous post on Acetone Alley stating they didn't like Bees Knees Black Panther set. Because yeah, that was a productive post *eyeroll* The polish is a black base with rainbow flakes. At some angles it shines a bit gold. I went ahead and used 3 coats, but you could likely get away with 2. While I hate that Sarah keeps getting these negative posts, I do love the polishes she puts out in response. I'm so conflicted! 

There you have it! It looks like Blorange is currently out-of-stock, but it should be restocked shortly as far as I know. Make sure to check out Bees Knees Lacquer in this month's Polish Pickup as well. For more information, make sure to stop by the Bees Knees websiteInstagram, or Facebook Group

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