Saturday, April 7, 2018

Quixotic Polish Mystery Bag: Proto OOAK Polish 2 & 3

Hi guys! I know, I'm coming at you on a Saturday! It is ridiculously rainy and cold right now, so my whole family has decided to sit at home and watch movies and the new Trading Spaces. Anyone else watching that tonight? Anyway, I have the other 2 mystery polishes from the Quixotic Polish Mystery Bag to show you tonight. As you can see from the collage, we've got some attractive polishes coming up. Don't forget that Polish Pickup is this weekend, and Mary has another beauty up for grabs. 

Quixotic Polish Proto OOAK 2 (3 coats)

Up first is an indigo jelly base with blue/green UC flakes. Is it weird that my favorite thing is that huge flake on my ring finger? Squee! I'm sure I'm not doing the description any justice, because I know there's a lot more going on here. You could get away with 2 coats for shorter nails, or 3 thin ones due to the jelly finish. 

Quixotic Polish Proto OOAK 3 (2 coats)

Polish 3 is my top pick of the trio. I mean, it 1. is grey 2. a crelly and 3. has color shifting flake shimmer. Just look how the it looks equally red/blue/green/gold! Mary, if you're reading this, could you go ahead and make this a COTM (Color of the Month)? It applied easily in just 2 coats and didn't have any texture after topcoat. 

It's like Mary knows that flakie and shimmer polishes are my favorite. Again, I didn't give her any direction on what I was looking for, and she still hit it out of the park. The Mystery Bags ($25) are usually available during the first-of-the-month releases, but make sure to check out the Facebook Fan Group for full information. If you haven't done so, come join us in the Quixotic Polish Facebook Fan Group for fun discussion and giveaways. Stop by the Quixotic Polish websiteFacebook page, or Instagram pages to find out more. 

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