Monday, June 14, 2010

Quirius: Ivy Wreath

Quirius Ivy Wreath (3 coats)

Stay tuned for a new June giveaway! A week or 2 ago All Lacquered Up posted a rather negative review of Quirius polishes. While we all have our own opinions, I was rather surprised to read such a review. Although they aren't OPI, Essie, RBL, etc., they are still good polishes for their price range ($2-3). I currently use their topcoat with great success. Apparently ALU had issues with chipping, which could be due to several things. First, body chemistry. Some polishes chip instantly, and some can last for days on me while other people may have the exact opposite result. Second, basecoat and topcoat. These are vital for longevity of polishes. Unfortunately most people have to go through several different brands of each until they find the one that works well for them. I'm going to leave it at that because I can go on and on about the importance and comparisons of topcoats and basecoats.

Up today is a polish called Ivy Wreath which is a bright grass green creme. Application was a little streaky with the first 2 coats, but really smoothed out with the third. The color on this one is beautiful. The formula wasn't too thin or too thick, but again, it was pretty streaky.

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