Friday, June 11, 2010

Chi: Chi Hot Ring Illusion Around Saturn

Chi Hot Ring Illusion Around Saturn (2 coats)

Last time I reviewed a Chi nail polish, I didn't really give much background. According to them, it is a 

Revolutionary Perfect Nail Treatment from CHI Ceramic Nails. Advanced American Technology with Ceramic for stronger resistant nails, silk for an incredibly brilliant finish and Nano Silver for the ultimate in protection has never seen before in the professional nail industry. 

So yes, the same company who makes those fancy and expensive flat irons also make nail polish with ceramic in it. Pretty cool, huh? And yes, here is another crazy polish name: Hot Ring Illusion Around Saturn. It is an awesome duochrome that reflects both dark green and blue with a hint of gold that you can see in the bottom photo. It was really pigmented and applied perfectly, but unfortunately it is a bit chippy after 24 hours. I apologize that I'm not able to give reviews on polish wear very often, but I change my polish every day so I really don't get the chance. I hope you can understand :-D

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Erika said...

That is pretty. I like the shift between black and green. Like a beetle. :D