Thursday, June 10, 2010

Studio M (aka Massini) Honey Love

Studio M Honey Love (3 coats)

Some of you may remember me posting some Massini polishes from Meijer which is manufactured by the same company who makes Color Club. Well, they have changed their name and now go by Studio M. And  yes, the skinny rectangular bottles have stayed the same and they still look similar to American Apparel bottles. I'm not going to lie, Honey Love is not my favorite polish. In the bottle it was love, but since it was a jelly, it was quite sheer and needed at least 4 coats. The color is a yellowish peach which didn't do much for my skintone. Oh well, I still love Massini/Studio M.


Angie | said...

yay meijer! i love this light orange

E.J. said...

I like it a lot too.
But four coats.... pffew, that's a lot of work!

cupper82 said...

Four coats is definitely a lot of work! I'm glad you both like it...just because I don't doesn't mean it's not a good polish. I just post my personal opinions on them.

Pretty said...

wow where do u get this from?
been looking for a yellow/orangey pastely color.. so pretty
pastels always seem to be trouble too!
i'm trying to master them