Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Essie 2010 Resort Collection: Lapis of Luxury

Essie Lapis of Luxury (3 coats)

I lied the other day. I said that I have three polishes from the Essie 2010 collection. I forgot that it was 1 from the Resort Collection and 2 from the summer. Up today is Lapis of Luxury which is a stunning cornflower blue creme. I absolutely adore sunflower blue and I'm really surprised Essie could come up with something so nice (well, that isn't necessarily true since I loved the North Folk collection (aka L'Oreal Passport to Paradise collection) for last spring). Application was unfortunately really thin and needed at least 3 coats to get rid of visible nail line. No worries because I still love it! Keep it up Essie because I swear I don't really want to hate on you!


Johanna (Paillette) said...

Wow! This color is amazing!
This post just turned the corner on me absolutely needing this!!
Your nails are awesome!

You nailed it! said...

such a pretty color!