Monday, June 21, 2010

Quirius: The History Night

Quirius The History Night (3 coats)

So many days of Quirius! I think I have only 1 more day of these and then I will post 3 polishes from the new Essie Summer 2010 Collection. Quirius was nice enough to send me their newest polishes so I will try to sneak those in at some point as well. Anyway, The History Night is a really bright violet purple creme that actually has a very tiny amount of shimmer in it (you may be able to see it in the second photo). What a weird name for a polish. I always wonder the background behind the names that are chosen. Application was pretty good on this one. I think I did three coats, but I probably could have gotten away with two. It has more of a satin finish since it is a neon so I added their topcoat to show what it would normally look like.

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oxidantshappen said...

I agree..freaking weird name! Am I missing something? Cool color nonetheless.